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College of Management Science is an Open Learning College, part of the Unifaculty Foundation providing distance learning correspondence courses online courses at certificate, diploma, and certificate of advanced study levels with full certification in ...

* parapsychology course
* paranormal courses certified investigator
* paranormal phenomenon
*paranormal investigation [become a Certified Paranormal  Investigator]
* electronic voice phenomenon [become a Certified EVP Researcher]
* paranormal activity
* remote viewing
* quantum theory for parapsychologists and others
* science of alternative universes
* oceanography
* meteorology
* hyperspace theory
* business administration diploma
* management Consultant
* project management
* health & safety management
* business continuity planning
* technical writer diploma
* psychic practitioner
* psychic mediumship
* psychotherapy
* hypnotherapy
* advanced hypnosis
* past-life regression/future-life regression
* hypnosis
* self-hypnosis
* awareness states
* lucid dreaming
* dream therapy [become a dream therapist]
* weight control [without dieting]
* stop smoking [without withdrawal symptoms]
* how to become a psychic/ spiritualist medium
* counselling skills [become a counsellor]
* interpersonal psychology
* accupressure course
* anatomy and physiology dipiloma
* neuro linguistic programming [become an NLP coach]
* anger management consultant
* aromatherapy
* spiritual healing
* thought field therapy [become a thought field therapist]
* depression management
* psychology
* applied psychology
* autism spectrum disorder [formerly aspergers syndrome]
* cognitive psychology
* forensic psychology
* criminological psychology
* personality psychology
* body language [psychology]
* psychopathology
* therapeutic approaches in psychology
* obsessive compulsive disorder
* health psychology
* sports psychology
* psychology of stress, cognition and health
* stress management
* creative writing
* business strategy
* management philosophy
* business continuity planning
* total quality management [TQM]
* health & safety management [personnel]
* first aid diploma
* human resources management
* project management
* strategy
* nutrition & health [become a nutritionist]
* taoist healing therapist
* aura reading
* psychometry
* palmistry
* tarot card reading
* quality management [TQM]
* philosophy
* critical thinking
* logic
* theology and religions
* Egyptology
* wicca,magic and divination
* witchcraft
* yoga and meditation
* Ufology

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You can enrol in any three courses and pay for only two. Course fees can be spread. In addition to receiving a certificate and, or diploma, all graduates receive an itemized course transcript rehearsing their achievements in detail, which can enhance the value of the qualification by making it easier for employers and other academic or

professional bodies to check the course content and level of attainment.
The prices quoted for each course includes the course materials, shipping by post within the U.K. or Airmail outside of the U.K. and full tuition with one to one help and support by email.
The course materials are sent by by post or airmail and the course is then conducted by email. On graduation, the award documents are sent by post or airmail.

Most of the College’s courses have the same course fee £325. That can be paid on enrolment in full or by 8 monthly instalments of £45. The College offers a 3for2 programme where students can enrol in three courses and pay only for two.

Unlock the door to a new career, a new business, or promotion by enrolling in one of the college’s courses

the Paranormal courses cover ...
paranormal phenomenon,
paranormal investigation,
paranormal activity and how to engage in paranormal research,
electronic voice phenomenon,
learn about psychic powers,
psychic practice,
psychic dream walking,
out-of-body experiences,
lucid dreaming

The Institute of Building
Crafts Management

The Stratagem Philosophical

The Institute of Forensic Parapsychology

This is an illustration of one of the College’s Diplomas. The full size is 210 mm x 297 mm = 8.3” x 11.7” Each of the College’s diplomas follows the above format and is accompanied by an itemized course transcript.

You can use your Diploma or Certificate from the College to gain certification in the following fields ...

Paranormal Investigation, parapsychology and related research at
The Institute of Forensic Parapsychology:

Psychic, Mediumship, Spirit work at The Institute of Psychic Practitioners

Therapy skills, therapists, hypnotherapists, counsellors at
The Institute of Therapies Management

Philosophy of Common Sense and Logic at The Stratagem Philosophical Society

Health & Safety Management skills at the International Institute of Advanced Safety Management

Quality Management skills at The
Institute of Science Quality

Look at a detailed course syllabus at

Distance Learning Management and Therapist courses

The Unifaculty Foundation is an academic and professional confederation.

UK Register of Learning Providers No. 10047342

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