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Archaeology [Dip.Arch.] This interesting course takes you in detail through the field of archaeology and covers, The Paradigms, Treasure Hunting, The Antiquarians, Racial Origins, The Technological Paradigm, Site Preparation, Reasons for Excavation, Environmental Impact Study, Site Definition, Excavation Strategy, Sampling, Site Organisation, The Recording Framework, Site Preparation , Team Structure, Training, Quality Control, Health & Safety, Laying out the Site, Control of the Excavation, Digging and Cleaning, Pottery, Brick and Tile, and other Ceramics, Flint and Stone, Glass, Metal Objects, Bones, Shells, Organic Materials, Stratigraphy, Special Finds, Baulks and Sections, Drawing Plans and Sections, Styles of Drawing, Photography and Video, Stone Buildings, Relative Chronology, Absolute Chronology, Robber Trenches, Wooden Buildings, Burials, Environmental Sampling, Sampling for Dating.

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Egyptology [Dip.Egy.] The course covers an introduction to Ancient Egypt, Chronologies and Cultural Change in Egypt, Prehistory: Palaeolithic to Badarian Culture [c.700,000 - 4,000 BC], The Naquada Period [ c. 4,000 - 3,200 BC], The Emergence of the Egyptian State [c.3,200 - 2,686 BC], The Old Kingdom [c.2,686 - 2,160 BC], The First Intermediate Period [c2,160 - 2,055 BC], The Middle Kingdom Renaissance [c.2,055 - 1,650 BC, The Second Intermediate Period [c1,650 - 1,550 BC, The 18th Dynasty before the Armarna Period c.1,550 - 1.353 BC], The Armarna Period and later New Kingdom [1,352 - 1,069 BC], Egypt and the Outside World, The Third Intermediate Period [1,069 - 664 BC], The Late Period [664 - 323 BC], The Ptolemaic Period [332 - 30 BC], The Roman Period[ 30 BC - AD 395]

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Mediaeval Scandinavian Studies Course [Dip.Hist.] Based on ancient texts this detailed course takes us through the early beginnings of Scandinavia its peoples, customs and brings out the diversity and richness of their lives. The course covers the periods AD 811 to 1241, AD 1241 to 1536, AD 1536 to 1660 and AD 1660 to 1868. Your student pack includes the necessary text together with a student guide and study assistance.  In addition to the material, one-to-one help is available throughout the course by email.

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