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Unifaculty Foundationís postal address is BCM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX Great Britain.You can email us at You will see some useful links to related academic and other bodies at the foot of this page.

The College of Management Science serving students and graduates around the world
You can contact us by post at the College of Management Science BCM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX Great Britain
or by email at

Here are some questions which are often asked, and the replies ... if you have a question not covered by these, please email us at ...

Q. If I cannot enrol online for any reason can I still enrol in a course?
A. Yes. Simply email the college [ ]and give your name, address and what course[s] you are interested in and we will email you the enrolment information

Q. When I graduate with the College, who issues the certificate or diploma to me?
A. Your diploma and other graduation documents will be issued by the College of Management Science, London WC1N 3XX

Q. How much is a course?
A. The course fee for most single courses is £325  or equivalent in most other currencies. Some courses such as Law and Business Law are £375. You can enrol in any three courses and pay only for two.

Q. Can I pay in any currency?
A. Almost any currency will be accepted by Paypal. If you have any difficulty, please email us at

Q. Can I pay by instalments or credit/ATM card?
A. Yes. Whether you wish to pay in one single payment or spread payments to suit your circumstances, you can enrol online and pay by credit card or ATM card by clicking on the appropriate button

Q. What happens if I press the wrong button to enrol in a course?
A. When you arrive at the Paypal site, after clicking on the Button but discover that you accidentally pressed the wrong button, simply click on the Back Arrow to return to the right page and reselect your choice.

Q. What happens if I have pressed the wrong button and do not discover this until after I have given my details to Paypal and enrolled?
A. Simply email us at college@unifaculty explaining what happened. If it is simply a matter of a wrong course we can correct that manually. If you have clicked on a BUY NOW button to pay in full but wanted to spread the payments or you clicked on the subscription button for spread payments when you wanted to pay in full, we will contact Paypal and arrange for an immediate refund, allowing you to re-enrol in your preferred method.

Q. How long does a course take?
A. Because each course is designed to be studied in your own time, you can choose how to proceed. You can arrange your study to fit in with your family and work commitments. The two main factors which affect the time taken are 1. the time which you have available and 2. your inclination to study. You can proceed as quickly as you like or take your time. To give you an indication of typical times [these vary from course to course] it is perfectly possible to complete a course in two to three months. The average is three months, The longest time taken was one year and the shortest time ever taken was three weeks.

Q. If I enrol in one or more courses and pay by instalments, what happens if I finish the course work before I have finished paying the instalments?
A. Your successful graduation is processed by the college in exactly the same way whether you pay in one sum or in instalments.

Q. Do I have to enrol at some specific date [e.g. term time]?
A. No. The college's courses are delivered by correspondence [postal or online]. This enables you to start at any time, continue at a pace which suits you, and finish when you are ready.

Q. Are there exams at the end of the course?
A. The course is based on a set of course challenges [between five and fifteen depending upon which course you have enrolled]. These tests enable the college to ensure that you are progressing well in your study and will be fluent in your subject on completion. The course is completed by the production of a short written work describing some of what you have learned.

Q. Is any help given to learn the subject?
A. Yes, you will receive, on enrolment, a set of student guidance notes and study hints. In addition to these, you can ask questions, as they occur, or when you send in your course challenges by email. One to one help is available by email throughout your course and even after it, should you so require.

Q. What qualifications do I need to enrol in any particular course?
A. Irrespective of the level of each course, they are designed to be easily understood by anyone with a reasonable command of English. Because of this, there are no pre-entry qualification requirements apart from the ability to communicate in English.

Q. When I enrol, what will I receive in the way of course work?
A. Most of the programmes include a subject manual, for each subject, a set of guidance notes and study hints together with a set of course challenges. Most of the courses include four to eight challenges.

Q. If I am successful in qualifying with the college, what qualifications would I receive?
A. Most of the programmes lead to the award of a Diploma in the subject area together with a detailed course transcript rehearsing your course achievements. Some of the programmes lead to a Diploma and Certificate of Advanced Study. Most of the programmes lead to the opportunity of additional certification through memberships of academic and or professional bodies.

Q. Are the college's qualifications accredited?
A. Yes. Most of the college's courses lead to entry into a professional or academic body in the field. It should be noted that many people confuse the term 'accredited' with the term 'universal acceptance'. These are not synonyms. Some organizations and companies have their own particular programmes and may or may not give credit for other work. The college's programmes are attested by the course transcripts which enables educational and other bodies to assess the value and level of course work and educational attainment. The college answers all such enquiries promptly on behalf of its graduates.

Q. If I qualify with the college, but I still feel a little uncertain about progressing afterwards, is any help, advice or support available?
A. Full support is given to the college's graduates during and after their study and graduation by email. Information and opportunities are shared.

Q. What if I enrol in a course and after receiving my course material do not want to proceed say because the course is too challenging, my circumstances have changed or I just do not like the course material or whatever other reason. Can I change my mind and get a refund?
A. Yes you can get a refund if you email the college within seven days of receiving your course material. Then send it back to the college. Immediately upon receiving the material in good condition, the college will reverse your Paypal payment crediting your card with the full amount paid.

Q. What if I enrol in a course and after receiving my course material do not want to proceed say because the course is too challenging or my circumstances have changed suddenly or I just do not like the course material or whatever other reason, but I have waited more than seven days. Can I change my mind after seven days and still get a refund?
A. Yes. Up to 7 days you can get a 100% refund. For 8-14 days, the refund is 80%. For 15-30 days the refund is 50%. After 30 days there is no refund available except in exceptional circumstances and then at the discretion of the college.

Q. What happens if I am paying by instalments and my circumstances change making it difficult to keep the payments up.
A. The college can reschedule your payments to suit your circumstances and or allow a payment holiday or offer other support in cases of hardship

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