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Unifaculty Foundationís postal address is BCM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX Great Britain.You can email us at You will see some useful links to related academic and other bodies at the foot of this page
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The College and its institutes have been providing distance learning courses for over a quarter of a century. The College's policy is to ensure an ease of learning for its students and to that end we provide friendly online help and support seven days a week. We want you to succeed.

You can find detailed syllabuses for most of the College of Management Science courses at our syllabus website .

The College of Management Science and its associated colleges and institutes provide learning online to its students around the world in the fields of Paranormal Investigation Parapsychology Psychic Mediumship and Psychic Practice Therapist training Psychology Science Management Ancient Studies Philosophy Theology Creative Studies and otherwise.


One to One Help and Support is available throughout your course seven days a week by email

Email enquiries are usually answered within the hour seven days a week


What happens when I enrol via Paypal?
When you enrol in a course using this website, Paypal will notify the college that you have enrolled. That information may arrive within minutes or take up to an hour or so. That depends on how busy the email servers are and the local speeds of the internet signals. Immediately that the college is advised of your enrolment by Paypal we will email an acknowledgement to you.

Paypal does not automatically supply your postal address or other information [for reasons of client confidentiality and your privacy]. If you have authorized your postal address to be supplied we will email you with an expected dispatch date for your course material. If Paypal cannot give the college the details, we will email you to invite you to complete your enrolment by supplying a postal address. On hearing from you with your preferred postal address we will email you giving the expected date of dispatch for your course material.

The College of Management Science and all of its faculties and institutes follow the same confidentiality and privacy policy and will not disclose any of your details to a third party without your express permission and authorization. For example, you may wish to confirm to another college or academic body or insurance company or prospective employer details of your course attainments with the college and or one of its institutes. The college will do so on your behalf only after your express request and approval.

How will I receive my course material?
If you are normally resident within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man your course material will be sent to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery. This usually guarantees delivery by the next day after dispatch.

If you are resident outside of the United Kingdom your course material will be sent to you by Royal Mail Airmail Services. Delivery times vary and depend on the policy of your local service. Typically, Airmail takes between one week and two weeks. Although it is rare, in certain regions of the world delivery can take up to three weeks. Sometimes that can simply be due to seasonal influences such as Christmas, New Year or Public Holidays. The College is working constantly to improve delivery times and will be please to hear of any delays so that they can be by-passed.

When I receive my course material how will I progress through my course?
When your course material arrives, please check through it. Everything which you would need to complete the course successfully should be included. If you are in any doubt about how best to proceed please email the college explaining the help which you feel would assist you. If you prefer you can simply explain a specific problem. For example, everything may seem straightforward but one or two questions or a course challenge may seem daunting. Let us know about that and we will supply additional support. It may be that you can send a draft answer to one question rather than sending in a whole paper. In that way you may achieve higher grades in your course and which will be reflected in your final award.

Papers are usually marked within 12 hours of receipt and often earlier. Please send in one paper at a time. The reason why we ask that is so that we can be sure that you are on the right track. However, where remedial work is required, that is available and included in your course.

When I have completed all of my course assignments what will I receive?
When you have completed all of your course assignments and the college is assured of your confident competence in your chosen subject or subjects, you will be issued with a Diploma, Certificate or Diploma and Advanced Certificate, as appropriate together with a certified, itemized course transcript rehearsing your course attainments. Those documents will enable you to provide evidence of your attainments. Additionally, the college provides written confirmation to genuine enquirers as above.

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