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Paranormal Phenomenon: Successful Paranormal Investigation is both interesting and demands a wide range of skills. Some of those skills we will have, and others we can learn. The Colleges courses adopts a practical approach to the mechanics of getting started, developing a successful paranormal consultancy or association and how we can actually secure a valuable income from the work.

Your student pack includes the necessary text together with a student guide and study assistance. In addition to the material, one-to-one help is available throughout the course by email. Below are a few examples of course contents. For a full list of paranormal and parapsychology courses please click on the link to your left which says Paranormal courses. That page enables you see the full list of courses and enrol online.

Introduction to Paranormal Investigation
Parapsychology -v- Paranormal Investigation

Investigation skills

Listening, Observation, Record Keeping, Scientific Knowledge, Psychology, Management Skills, Writing, Communication, Determination to Succeed

Investigating Hauntings

Psychic Fraud, Types of Hauntings, Organising an Investigation, Phenomena, Light Anomalies, Sounds, Smells, Movements, Touch, Temperature Anomalies, Apparitions, Interviewing



Past Life Regression

Comparison of Effects

UFOs & Alien Abductions

Lucid Dream Effects, Other Effects

Remote Viewing


Out of Body Experiences


Setting Up a Paranormal Consultancy or Association

Lectures, Ticket Sales, Club Memberships, Article Writing, Books and Publishing, Television, Videos and DVD sales, Tuition and Training, Commissioned Investigations, Speculative Investigations, Séances, Helping Police, Consultancy Work, Spin off Work

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Paranormal courses

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Introduction to Parapsychology
Parapsychology Overview

Science and Experience
Science, Belief and Truth
Science of Experience: questions of method
Experience and Science: the moral landscape
Probability Judgements and belief in the paranormal
Probability Judgements in everyday life
Definitions and measures of probability
Independent events and the gambler’s fallacy
Unremarkable coincidences
Randomness and chance
Conditional probabilities
Base Rate
Base Rates, prejudice and medical diagnosis
The law of large numbers and the law of small numbers
Risk perception
The Placebo Effect
The Nature of placebo effects
Myths and methodologyAttempts to explain the placebo effect
The Psychology of Psychic Fraud
Attention and Distraction
Switching methods
Controlling performing conditions
Pre-prepared outs in case things go wron
Astrology and its significance in modern life
The origins and rationale of astrology
The claims made for astrology
Scientific Studies of astrology
Astrology and personality
Matching birth charts with test scores
Astrology and profession
Predicting future events
Unconscious Awareness
Conscious awareness during anaesthesia
Electrophysiological markers of non-conscious processing
Event related potentials
Prepulse inhibition of the startle response
Clinical implications
Explaining consciousness
Theories of Dreaming [Neurophysiological theories; Cognitive theories]
Evolutionary aspects
Children’s dreams
Lucid Dreaming
Paranormal Cognition and dreaming

Alien Abductions
Are alien abduction claims deliberate hoaxes?
Are people really abducted by aliens?
Psychological approach to alien abduction
Dissociation and childhood trauma
Hypnotic regression
Sleep paralysis
Temporal lobe activity and tectonic strain theory
Content of alien abduction narratives
Altering the balance
Seeing, believing, but not necessarily coping
What is meditation?
Meditation and Prayer -altered states of awareness?
Self-hypnosis and trance states
Relaxation: autogenic practices
Free association: structured dissociation
Meditation and the evidence of its impact
Scientific interest in transcendental meditation
Meditation issues; established and challenged
Paranormal Cognition
Altered states of consciousness and ESP
Subliminal perception and ESP
Philosophical and Methodological issues
Near Death Experiences
The five stages of NDE
Correlates of the NDE
Theories of the NDE
Society and the Paranormal
Why study the paranormal
Psi and Religion

Electronic Voice Phenomenon [Dip.E.V.P.] Described sometimes as ‘The Cinderella Science’, this course will give you a singular and distinctive insight into what constitutes the phenomenon.

For example, why do voices from the dead often speak so accurately with the correct regional foreign accent sometimes and sometimes not, why are apparent radio messages received from World War II pilots and ships’ captains and why are the voices of folk who are still alive manifesting themselves in this phenomenon?

You will obtain an unique insight into the subject, practical information about methods and equipment and learn quickly and in very straightforward terms how to become an Electronic Voice Phenomenon Investigator and Researcher.
Whilst there are a few good courses out there, the college’s course is unique by not limiting itself to consideration of the possibility of the phenomenon being exclusively accounted for by voices from the dead. The truth is actually even more amazing.

Part I An introduction
The Nature of electronic voices
Technical equipment
Part II The Voices
Talking to the voices
Functional analysis of auditory hallucinations
Whistle and whisper sounds
Auditory fatigue
The Faraday Cage
EVP and people from the past
Event related voices
Listening problems such as accents, language, and background noise
EVP aids
Alpha technology
Part III Space Time and Information
Spiritual force
Reverse action
Nature of dimensions
Emotions, reactions and energy
Physicists and EVP

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Paranormal courses

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