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Psychology involves the study of

Monocular depth cues
Binocular depth cues
Size constancy
Constancy and illusions
Shape constancy
Brightness and colour constancy
Hypothesis testing

Basic forms of learning
Classical conditioning
Operant conditioning
Insight and learning sets

Short and long term memory
Levels of processing
Working memory
The effect of organization on memory
State-dependent memory
Eye-witness testimony

The Development of Intellect
Jean Piagetís theories
Jerome Brunerís theories

Social Influence
Social facilitation
False confessions

Social Perception
Forming impressions of other people
Schemas, categorization, and stereotypes
Prejudice and discrimination

The Growth of Attachment
The growth of attachment in humans
Maternal deprivation
Fathers, sibling and peers

Two Theories of Socialization
Social learning theory
Freudís Theories of socialisation

Child Rearing Styles
General styles or specific practices

Non-Verbal Communication
Replacement for speech
Signals of attitude
Achievement motivation

Emotion and Arousal
What causes arousal
Theories of emotion
Effects of general arousal
Origins of emotions
Learned helplessness

Nature/Nurture Debates
Nature v Nurture
Nature v Nurture on intelligence

Nature/Nurture Debate on Perception
Nature v Nurture in perception

Biological Bases of Behaviour
The nerve cell or neuron
Methods of studying the brain
The nervous system
The endochrine system

Psychology Practicals
The experimental method
Cross sectional, longitudinal, and cross cultural studies
Observational methods
Asking questions
Writing up a report
Presenting our results

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