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Thanks for all your feedback. I have really enjoyed the Paranormal Investigator course and would be happy to recommend it to others interested in this area. H.D. Coventry

May I convey my warmest thanks for your advice and assistance, thus enabling me to achieve this award. C.F.G., W. Sussex

Applied Psychology course:
There were other techniques that could be very useful in various ways and can be adapted. I liked the short chapters towards the end of the book focusing on very specific circumstances as well; I feel they will be very helpful and I learnt some new skills.
Parapsychology course:
Thank you so much for your prompt responses to my work, despite the work taking me in excess of one year to complete, but hey that's life!... sometimes things happen that take best laid plans out of our hands.
I just wanted to say that I found the work very interesting and really enjoyed the challenges.
Thanks again
Applied Psychology course:
There were many interesting aspects to this course, but the thing that stood out, for me, was how often we should really go against everything our mind is telling us to do to get the result we’d like.
Parapsychology and Paranormal Investigation courses:
You have helped me a lot. So it is the least I can do.
Health & Safety Management course:
Many thank for the Diploma. IT IS NICELY PRESENTED.
Psychic Practitioner, Parapsychology, Paranormal Investigation courses:
Thanks for three great courses, i found them useful and enjoyed them all
and will recommend you to any that ask.
Metaphysics course:
Thanks, I've really enjoyed the course and having the opportunity in following my own interests. It's a shame schools do not cater for this kind of study in favour for the doctrine of our times.
Thank you again for your support
Paranormal Investigation course:
Hi! Thank you so much!!!
Psychic Practitioner course:
Many thanks for your instigating the Courses that you offer, I have learned some very useful things reading some of the books listed in the Bibliography too.
Crystal Therapy course:
This is just an example of uses for Crystals.... This is a subject that i have thoroughly enjoyed learning in more detail.
Psychic Practitioner course:
Thank you very much for taking the time to furbish me with this information.
Paranormal Investigation course:
Thank you very much. I am hoping to start studying some of your other
courses in the near future.
Parapsychology course:
The parapsychology is doing well and this has given me quite a lot of work also including some Investigations, and have had some very interesting results especially on EVP and Video footage, which as yet even going Frame by Frame, very time consuming ,but I have found a lot of Evidence that supports Spirit activity.
Thank you.
Psychopathology course:
Many thanks for your feed back on the essay. I will let you know when I have received the documents, I am smiling with anticipation!
And thank you for your constant guidance and encouragement through out the course.
Wicca, Magic & Divination Course:
Many thanks for your prompt responses to my papers, as always. I eagerly await the arrival of my certificate.
L .M.
N.L.P course:
Hi! Got the Diploma, thank you for your encouraging throughout.
All the best
Filmmaking Course:
Thanks a lot for the award, I have received it. It was a pleasure to make this course. Good luck with students in the future!
Applied Psychology course:
Well, the first thing I can say is I wish I had learned these techniques years ago, I might have handled a lot of things differently! I feel what I have learned is invaluable and the main aspect of my life I feel it will help is my professional life.
I work as a self employed Personal Trainer and class instructor. My whole income depends on being liked, trusted and respected enough for people to book me for training sessions, and to keep booking me. This means I need to have an air of confidence whilst being likeable and having the ability to make people feel good about themselves.
Thank you.
Paranormal Investigation course:
Thanks very much for all your support glad that it was all ok and i look forward to receiving my docs
with thanks
Dream Therapy course:
Wow thanks ...
Prepare yourself for my next course...
Stress Management course:
I appreciate your quick feedbacks. Here is the next Course Challenge. I look forward to your review and further feedback.
Other comments ...

Thank you for my documents and I am already up for promotion. C.A.H.,

I thank you for your prompt responses and actions throughout my programme. S.B.

Thank you for all your thoughtful attention. I have recommended you to two of my colleagues. L.B.

My knowledge has certainly been widened and I feel empowered by my experience of undertaking the course. This has been life giving! Thank you for your prompt responses and professionalism. S.H.

All that I need say is thank you very much and please accept my family’s gratitude. K.D.D.

Please accept my thanks once again, and every best wish. P.E.D.,

Thank you for all your help. I am delighted with the result. R.C.,

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